Monday, 17 September 2012

Pix N’ Mix porcelain buttons

Everlasting handmade ceramic pix n’ mix sweet shaped buttons.

Perfect for customizing/personalizing clothing.

Sold individually.

Choose from, gummy bears, ice cream cones, jelly babies, milk bottles, shrimps, bananas, Percy pigs, large or small sugar mice.

Available in six different sugary colours:
Green, Yellow, Dark pink, Pale pink, Blue, White

As these buttons are hand made from fine French porcelain please take care in washing garments that you may sew these buttons to. Hand washing is advised as they may chip in a washing machine

Approx sizes:
Gummy bears 20mm x 11mm
Ice cream cones 35mm x 15mm
Jelly babies 28mm x 14mm
Milk bottles 25mm x 10
Shrimps 34mm x 15mm
Bananas 63mm x 19mm
Pigs 25mm x 23mm
Large sugar mice 45mm x 20mm
Small sugar mice 35mm x 14mm

£1.00 each. 

Can be purchased from:

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